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My fondest memories of childhood are of listening to my mom and her two sisters making chocolate treats for the holidays. Laughing the whole time and enlisting the younger generation to help. We would be chopping 10 pound blocks of chocolate to melt and prepare for the magic of the famous chocolate puddle where all the handmade confections were transformed into chocolate treats filled with gooey wonders. Those holiday events transformed me and I think since then I've always had chocolate DNA coursing through my veins. But it wasn't until years later that I felt the need to dedicate my own life to plunging my hands into dark pools of chocolate to create the magical treats that captivated me as a child.


When I heard the calling, I made a pilgrimage back to Michigan to enlist my mother to fill in all the blanks in my knowledge of sugary treats and to share all of her old family recipes. The trip we took to the chocolate shop with our huge list, the varieties of wonderful goodies... fresh-roasted nuts, tubs of butter, 50 pounds of assorted bulk chocolates... mmmmmm! Just the aroma of the shop and how friendly everyone was! I knew then that chocolate was going to be my calling in life and that it would help define my mission in life... handcrafting goodies to feed the people's hungry souls!


I began part time, creating my treats and sharing them with family and friends. With their encouragement I started selling my goods at farmers' markets and a variety of other events. People seemed to love my creations and I developed a loyal following. I began to think about opening a chocolate shop of my own... but where? How?


One day while out shopping, the perfect storefront jumped out at me. It was quaint and perfect for what I wanted to create. But then what? How could I afford it? How could I pull it all together? Once I calmed down, I started to make some inquiries and my local banker stepped up to help! He guided me to the Small Business Association and to a grant program for Kitsap development. (Wow, I discovered that government grants really do exist!)


I was amazed people believed in my dream and with the help of friends, family, businesses and great customers I opened the doors to Amy's Decadent Chcoolates on February 3, 2006, and business has been rapidly increasing ever since. It is my sincere hope that I can continue to make all my chocolatey treats based on mom's old recipes for many years to come. When I see the smiles on my customers' faces, I like to think that feeding those hungry souls is my own small contribution to making the world a better place.


I am glad you have found your way to Amy's Decadent Chocolates and I hope you will think of my treats when you need a lift (and that I will be able to exceed your expectations for many years to come).


Welcome to my web site!


Amy Jablonski

Bremerton, Washington

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