Handcrafted Confections To Feed your Soul

Dark & Decadent Truffles

Amys decadent truffles start with a smooth, rich, chocolate ganache. Then smothered with two layers of chocolate. Order a box for someone special, or consider treating yourself as well as you treat others!

LUCKY YOU our truffles come in various flavors...
* Mad for Mocha
* Mt. Mint
* Very Berry (Raspberry)
* Mayan (Spicy Chili Powder and Cinnamon)
* Dark & Decadent (Dark Chocolate Truffle)
* Hazelnut Heaven
* The Milky Way (Milk Chocolate Truffle)
* Harvey's Butter Rum
* Champagne
* Lemon Mint
* Peanut Butter Crunch
* Lavender
* Pomegranate Cheesecake
* Amaretto
* Orange Brandy




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